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The CrowdInsights platform

The digital infrastructure for results-driven participation.

Our software is the digital backbone for effective participation. Engage dozens, hundreds or thousands of stakeholders. Enable them to participate constructively and specifically, and see their influence on insights and your decisions. We operate a separate instance for you, in your look & feel, accessible under your desired domain.

1 Participate

With us, participation is scalable. Empower more stakeholders than ever before. Gain better and more actionable insights than ever before.

2 Communicate

Keep your community informed. Personalized communication for invitations, updates, feedback and more interaction between users on the platform.

3 Customize

Easily customize: Your colours, texts, logos, images, videos and languages. Accessible under your domain.

4 Being independent

We value your digital sovereignty. The content and personal data on your instance belong to you. You can export the data at any time. We host CrowdInsights in Germany, 100% DSGVO-compliant.

CrowdInsights Software Screenshot
1 Participate

The ideal digital infrastructure for your participation projects.

With the CrowdInsights software solution, you can skilfully collect and analyse insightful answers to a wide range of questions. The structured, intuitive and transparent presentation of answers, insights gained and decisions made enables the participation of all stakeholders. You can easily manage your stakeholders, invite them to projects or keep them up to date without having to fiddle with manually maintained lists and e-mail distribution lists.

Selected features:
  • Develop questions and collect answers from stakeholders (free text, selection, estimates, voting).
  • Crowd analysis: Your stakeholders participate in the analysis. For more acceptance, community and efficiency
  • Uncomplicated community management and communication
  • Implementation or quality assurance of the analysis by the CrowdInsights team
  • Interactive presentation of answers, findings and decisions
  • Interaction between users: commenting, liking and reporting answers
Kommunizieren / CrowdInsights Software
2 Communicate

Personalized communication with your stakeholders through flexible customizable email templates.

With CrowdInsights software, you can keep your stakeholders informed and encourage participation through transparent, intuitive communication. If you wish, we can send from your preferred email address.

  • Easily and extensively personal templates for invitations, updates and more.
  • DSGVO-compliant statistics on the use of your digital participation platform.
  • Uncomplicated administration and quick import option for contact data and distribution lists
  • Easy integration of popular social media channels
  • Quickly set up blog and news functions
  • Sending of e.g. possible
Let’s talk!

We love to chat about tricky challenges, socially relevant decisions or great visions while having a good cup of coffee.

Anpassen / CrowdInsights Software Anpassen / CrowdInsights Software / Generic Design
3 Customize

Perfectly adapted to your corporate identity. As individual, flexible and colourful as you like.

The CrowdInsights platform is customized to your specific needs. It shines in no time with your logo, your colours and your languages. Your digital participation platform is accessible under a (sub-) domain of your choice.

  • Logo, colours and co. are customizable, without any programming knowledge.
  • Use and manage your texts, images and videos
  • Accessibility of your platform e.g. under
  • Adapt your projects smoothly via drag & drop
  • The CrowdInsights team is happy to assist with personalization
4 Being independent

For us, the highest standards of data protection, data security and accessibility are a matter of course.

The CrowdInsights platform is operated securely and in compliance with data protection regulations in an ISO 27001 certified data centre in Germany. We have a lot of expertise in the area of data protection. Accessibility is a concern for us. In the medium term, we will make the CrowdInsights software open source.

Data protection
  • Processing of personal data is DSGVO-compliant
  • Data protection legal documents and documents for “data processing on behalf” are available
  • We love data protection, have a lot of expertise and are happy to work with your data protection officers
Data security
  • Hosting exclusively in Germany
  • ISO 27001 certified server of Hetzner Online GmbH
  • Highly available and scalable through containerized architecture and Kubernetes infrastructure
Open source
  • Our software will be open source in the future
  • We provide support for popular open source Software such as Consul or adhocracy for you on request
  • Multilingualism including plain language as well as improved accessibility
  • Optimized for mobile devices
In good company

More than 50 organizations have used our methodology and software to involve over 100,000 stakeholders in their decisions.