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Make your crowd part of your decisions.

With CrowdInsights.

In good company

More than 50 organizations have used our methodology and software to involve over 100,000 stakeholders in their decisions.


Benefit from our results-oriented participation approach.

New insights

We are convinced that your crowd has a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. Are you too? We support you in harnessing this expertise for your challenges and decisions.

High acceptance

Make decisions collectively and thereby gain acceptance. With a thoroughmethod and software, your crowd plays a game-changing  role in your decision-making process.

Building trust

By using smart technology and thorough methods, you demonstrate openness and trust in the capacity of your stakeholders, employees, users and members.


Overview of CrowdInsights projects

Four components for effective participation.

We combine powerful methodology and smart technology. We run the analysis and help you  create space for reflection and learning.

Running the project

With our thorough method, the Insights-Process, we structure your challenges and set up a neat and smart project plan. Our shared goal: gaining new insights by leveraging the knowledge of your crowd.

Providing Software (Cloud SaaS)

Our platform serves as digital infrastructure for participation and co-creation that strives for new insights. You get your own website in your individual look & feel, accessible via your  preferred domain.

Analyzing your answers

Having collected dozens or hundreds of answers, we run the analysis and gain brand new insights for you. We benefit from the assistance of your participants who can participate in the analysis, supported by a nuanced AI-human interaction algorithm. We call this crowd analysis.


We are experts in creating formats  that make your stakeholders share their best advice. We usually combine digital and on premise formats to address the various target groups and play with depth and range.

Let’s talk!

We love to chat about tricky challenges, socially relevant decisions or great visions while having a good cup of coffee.

Our rigorous and method helps us master your challenges based on the advice of your own crowd.

We rely on the powerful and effective method and framework: the  Insights Process. The Insights Process enables us to structure our challenges creating a lean plan that outlines how we deploy participation in your project.  The goal: We use the knowledge of your crowd and gain new insights. You make better decisions and increase acceptance.

The Insights Process is a framework for effective  participation and co-creation from the principle of the “wisdom of crowds”. In doing so, we use methods of problem structuring established in research and consulting and achieve new insights through the aggregation of qualitative information.


Asking the right question

In order to identify new ideas, we rely on open-ended questions.
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In order to identify new ideas, we rely on open-ended questions. 

Asking the right crowd

To gain new insights, you need various perspectives.
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Our experience shows that a solid analysis of the stakeholder landscape is crucial for a successful participation project. We would be happy to work with you to identify the right crowd for your project.

Combining the proper formats

Even a purely digital project can succeed with the right project design
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We define the process of addressing the relevant stakeholders and develop the ideal combination of digital and analogue formats. Even a purely digital project is possible with the appropriate project design.

Gaining new insights

The evaluation of the participants’ answers is based on qualitative content analysis.
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Our claim is that you will recognize something new from the contributions of your crowd. We bring our expertise and analytical skills to bear on the messages between the lines.

Take position

Your participation project is successfully completed as soon as you make your decisions based on the findings.
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With every decision made at the end of the process, the participants receive confirmation that they have used their knowledge and time effectively. A positive flywheel is set in motion: Acceptance arises, trust grows, the way for further participation is paved.
CrowdInsights Software Screenshot

Our software is the ideal infrastructure for results-oriented participation and co-creation.

With our software, participation runs highly effectively and scalably. The platform is a consistent flagship and underlines the willingness of those responsible taking the wisdom of their crowd into account. The platform enables the presentation and consolidation of myriad responses as well as personalised communication with the participants.

On the platform, the answers are evaluated according to our innovative crowd analysis: AI-supported, with the help of the stakeholders and quality-assured by the CrowdInsights team.

We host CrowdInsights on the ISO 27001-certified servers of Hetzner Online GmbH in Germany. The processing of personal data is DSGVO-compliant and is anchored in commissioned processing agreements


That’s what our customers say.

With the assistance of CrowdInsights, we were able to efficiently and effectively incorporate the comprehensive know-how of the experts in the creation of the list of demands. Due to the positive feedback within our organisation, I can easily imagine using the tool for other decision-making processes in the future!

Dr. Kirsten WitteDirector / Bertelsmann Stiftung

When Covid first moved across the country, we needed to facilitate ad-hoc discussions with SMEs completely digitally. With CrowdInsights, this was immediately feasible in high quality. This modern platform solution not only pleased us, but especially the Federal Ministry.

Heiko WieseManaging Director / No Drama Strategies Consulting

From citizens' councils to public engagement processes, CrowdInsights offers a simple and effective solution to engage citizens in a meaningful way. We like the fact that larger and smaller municipalities can use the platform by themselves and gain useful insights through the contributions of their citizens.

Stefan LinsOffice for Voluntary Engagement and Participation / State of Vorarlberg, Austria
What we have in mind

Mission of CrowdInsights.

We are transforming the way decisions are made. With us, the state, municipalities, foundations, NGOs and private organisations use the knowledge of their crowd and gain new insights from it. This enables them to make better decisions with a high level of acceptance.

We pursue our mission with a dedicated team, a brand-new technology, a fresh brand and a good dose of courage.


We are looking forward to your message.



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